Sneakers from China.
Even those removed from the corpse.
Cosmos is coruscating poverty.


This is personal site of buddhist’s monk Keum Gang Sunim (금강/錦江) for a Russian-speaking audience.
I am engaged in translations of Buddhist texts, articles, Dharma speeches, leave materials for Wikipedia, all of them are collected here.
At the present time I come to Russia for long periods, where, as far as I can, I help people get acquainted with Zen. I am trying to create a place for constant Zen practice in Siberia.
At the moment, organized a small meditation hall in the forests near the city of Tomsk. Where I practice meditation myself and with people who come to visit.

2024 NEWS

I usually spent half the year in South Korea, doing a three-month retreat (Kelche) in one of the monasteries and working at the temple, and the rest of the year in Russia, helping to develop Zen practice. Due to the closure of borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the political situation, I have been permanently in Russia since 2022. In a small house in the forest near Tomsk. Which I was very happy about)

I continue my activities, conducting practices in Tomsk and retreats in different cities. I will be glad to receive any help and support. You can make a donation here.

I am also building a meditation hall – the House of Meditation in the forest of Siberia.
A project to build a house for the practice of meditation and solitude near Tomsk.