Sneakers from China.
Even those removed from the corpse.
Cosmos is coruscating poverty.


This is personal site of buddhist’s monk Keum Gang Sunim (금강/錦江) for a Russian-speaking audience.
I am engaged in translations of Buddhist texts, articles, Dharma speeches, leave materials for Wikipedia, all of them are collected here.
At the present time I come to Russia for long periods, where, as far as I can, I help people get acquainted with Zen. I am trying to create a place for constant Zen practice in Siberia.
At the moment, organized a small meditation hall in the forests near the city of Tomsk. Where I practice meditation myself and with people who come to visit.

2020 NEWS

I usually spend half of the year in South Korea doing a three-month retreat (Kyolche) in one of the monasteries and working in a temple, and the rest of the year in Russia helping to develop Zen practice. But this year, due to the closure of borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I will also spend the winter in Russia. In a small house in the woods near Tomsk I will do a solo retreat. I will be glad to any of your help and support.