Red carnation and crystal bead
I will give to God.

Keum Gang Sunim (금강/錦江).

Bhikkhu of Jogye Order of Korean Seon Buddhism.

I am from the Siberian city of Tomsk, Russia. Was born in 1976. Graduated Tomsk Polytechnical University, Master of Technology.

Started practicing Zen with the Kwan Um School of Zen at the St. Petersburg Zen Centre in 2003, holding the position of Abbot of the centre from 2007-2009. Came to Korea and became a haenja at 2009 at Hyang Chon Sa monastery. Recieved samanera precepts at 2010 in Jikjisa temple and full monastic ordination, bhikkhu precepts, at 2016 in  Beomeosa temple. Graduated from the Monastic Scriptural Training Hall of Sudeoksa temple (Sudeoksa Kangwon). After graduating was practicing at Musangsa temple, International Zen Center of Kwan Um School of Zen.


I am engaged in translations of Buddhist texts, articles, speeches of the Dharma. Compilation of materials for Wikipedia.
I spend half a year in Russia, where I try to help people in Zen practice, and try to organize a place of practice in Siberia.

At the moment, he organized a small meditation hall in the forests near the city of Tomsk. Where I practice meditation myself and with people who come to visit.

Always welcome!