House of meditation in the forest of Siberia

This page is intended to describe a new project for the construction of a house for meditation, retreats, located in a quiet remote picturesque place in the vicinity of the city of Tomsk.

In the modern rhythm of life – constantly accelerating and filled with a huge array of information – it is not so easy to find a place where each of us can step aside from everyday worries, feel solitude, unity with the natural world – and remain convenient, comfortable and available. This project is designed to be able to get such a place for the practices of different traditions, although it is primarily intended for the practice of Zen, it will be available to everyone.

Site description

The place of our Meditation House is located 38 km from the city of Tomsk, in the vicinity of the stop area 41 km: a secluded forest in a coniferous forest, one hour by train from Tomsk-1 station or 45 minutes by car. From the train stop to the House – 20 minutes on foot. There are two houses on a plot of 1500 m2. One of them (6×6 m, two floors), is currently in disrepair, the second (4×3 m, two floors) is in a neglected condition. The site itself is wrapped around the perimeter with wonderful Siberian conifers – firs, spruces, cedars up to 15 meters high, giving an atmosphere of solitude, pleasant darkening and protection from the winds.

Site coordinates:

Goggle maps — 56.33147700203552, 85.45969919936337
Yandex.maps — 56.33147700203552, 85.45969919936337

The larger house is supposed to be reconstructed into a meditation hall, the smaller one – into a guest house for domestic needs.

Work plan

From the spring of 2022, as soon as warm weather sets in, it is planned to start construction work by me personally and by everyone who wishes to help in any way.

Stage 1 (2022)

House number 1 – meditation hall (large)

  • complete restructuring of the second floor, construction of a new roof;
  • replacement of the lower rims of the log house, overhaul;
  • replacement and insulation of the floors of the hall.
  • arrangement of a high-quality heating system;

House number 2 – guest (small)

  • cosmetic repairs.


  • arrangement of a personal plot: planting trees, shrubs, lawns, flower beds

Stage 2 (2023)

House number 1 – meditation hall (large)

  • insulation of the hall;
  • replacement of window blocks;
  • redecorating.

House number 2 – guest (small)

  • finishing.

After the completion of the first stage, the houses will be ready to receive guests in the warm season, and following the results of the second stage, their doors will be open all year round.


In connection with the above, I appeal to all those interested in the implementation of this project and wishing to help in this! Whether it be financial assistance, personal participation or support in other ways – it does not matter, any help will help turn this project into a real place.

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